What is your no.1 cleaning tip?

The best tip we can give, before any chemicals are used, is to blot, blot some more until there is no liquid left. Add some water and blot again. Keep repeating this process and the stain will reduce. Never scrub a stain.

We recommend you call a professional cleaner to give you the best chance of minimizing any damage.

The size of hand-made rug, will it be exact?

Designers’ Desire master weavers take great care to produce rugs to specified sizes, but due to the bespoke nature of the craft, hand-made rugs can, and will, vary. It is commonly acceptable for hand-made rug to vary by up to 3% in size as a rug can expand and contract with variations in the temperature and humidity while in transport.

How accurate are the colours in the drawing provided?

The drawings that Designers’ Desire provides are indicative only. Due to individual settings on computer screens, monitors and printers, colours will always vary. Designers’ Desire guarantee colours to within 3% when choosing colours from our pom boxes.

Are children used to make my rug?

NO. Designers’ Desire is a proud member of the Goodweave and Care & Fair family which ensures no child labour has been used to make our rugs.

What happens to the squareness of a hand-made rug?

The rugs will come off the loom perfectly square. There are many elements that will cause a rug to become unbalanced – humidity, transport, environmental etc. Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs can lose their shape and can be easily fixed by placing a weight on one side and pulling the affected area back in shape. The weft and warp will adjust accordingly.

The accepted tolerance for shape differences on a hand-made rug is 3% from one edge to the other.

Is the yarn colour fast?

Designers’ Desire uses only the highest quality Swiss colourfast chrome dyes. The dying process is very effective; however it will not protect the yarn from fading when placed in direct sunlight. Different yarns will vary in colour fastness. Art silk and pure silk will fade more than and therefore it is acceptable standard for hand-made rugs to fade 10-15% over the life of the rug. It is essential to rotate your rug on a regular basis to avoid uneven colour variation from UV degradation and traffic.

What happens if my rug were to shed? (Otherwise known as pilling, shedding, fluffing)

Fibres will shed throughout the life of the rug; the amount of shedding will reduce through time and maintenance, therefore it is best to vacuum the rug on a regular basis. Avoid the use of a rotating brush head when using a vacuum, as standard brush heads are more effective.

My rug is sprouting tufts, how do I fix it?

A rug consists of millions of fibres. Throughout the life of the rug, these fibres will rise to the surface due to the traffic the rug receives through vacuuming. It is not a fault in the rug. Please do not pull the fibres out, simply cut the fibre level to match that of the existing pile height with scissors.

My rug is bubbling, is this normal? (Encompasses bubbling, wrinkling or curling of edges)

Depending on the transportation, the rug can appear to have a bubbling, wrinkled or curled adge appearance when unwrapped from the packaging. This is not a manufacturing fault and will be rectified as it settles.

TO accelerate the process of settling the rug, place the rug on the reverse side down in the warm sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.