Rug Guide


Hand knotting rugs is a centuries’ old skill passed down by many generations to modern artisans. Our own weavers’ heritage can be traced back over 300 years.

Every knot is individually hand-tied to the weft & warp. The master weaver follows a hand drawn design map to complete the design accurately. Weaving can take many weeks, and is dependent on design; colours, fibres and shape.

To finish; the rug is washed, the pile is shaved, the design is then carved and finally the edges are hand bound. Each step is reliant on environmental factors.

The creation process and density of a hand-knotted rug.


Tibetan weaving: The yarn is looped around a rod, woven through two warps and hammered into rows. A cut pile is formed by cutting the loop on the rod. A loop pile is formed by not cutting the loop on the rod. The final step is to remove the rod.

Handknotted-rugs-sizesDensity: Count the number of knots in a square inch of the rug.

Available in: 45 | 60 | 80 | 100 | 120 | 150 | 200 Hand Knotted

Please Note: Knot counts can vary greatly from one end of a rug to the other. Knotted rugs are handmade and will vary for many reasons. Knot counts are a guideline only.

Our skilled crafts people will match the perfect quality to each unique design.


handtufted_rug-left@2xA hand-tufted rug is a fairly modern style of making hand made rugs. Firstly, the wool is dyed and the design is hand-drawn & transferred to the mesh backing. Tufts are created by pushing yarn through the mesh backing. Hand-tufted rug artisans use a tool called a ‘hand-tufter’ which holds the yarn and pushes through the mesh backing, which is stretched and placed on a frame. It requires a high level of craftsmanship to efficiently and accurately portray the intricate designs.

A craftsman will use a latex glue to hold the ‘tufts’ in place, which is then covered by a final cloth backing to protect your floor. The final steps involve washing, drying, shearing & hand carving the tops of the tufts to create the finished rug. The height of the pile is determined by how much yarn is cut off, and how far the initial yarn was pushed through.

The tufting method creates a highly durable and beautifully accurate handmade rug that will endure foot traffic for years to come.


Density: Count the number of lines that run across 30.48cm. Available in 80 | 100 | 120 Line Hand Tufted

Graphic-left@2xHand woven rugs are made in a similar way to hand-knotted rugs but rather than tying individual knots to the warp, the woven rug is interwoven through the warp. Most hand woven rugs are made on looms that lie flat just above the ground on a frame.

The “shuttle”, which can be seen in the photograph below is passed from weaver to weaver. There are many different techniques to making hand woven rugs. Hand weaving particularly suits shaggy rugs and geometric designs.