Two tone hand spun: When dying the yarn, the natural variations of the wool bleed through the dye to give a beautiful organic two toned effect.

Stippling: is the visual effect of 2-3 tufts of different coloured yarn combined to give the design a stylish dimensional look.

Polished wool: to achieve a polished effect on hand-knotted wool rugs, our expert craftsman double wash the rug until a luxurious sheen appears.

Antique wash: is a technique in the washing of rug to strip some colour of the yarn to achieve a stylish antique or vintage finish.

Space dyed: this is a dying effect for thicker yarn which leaves the yarn colour unevenly dyed.

Strie: the strie effect or lined effect is achieved by twisting two hanks of yarn together before tufting or knotting. The different colours appear unevenly in a natural lined effect.

Rough cut: when finishing a hand-knotted rug the pile height is hand clipped to achieve a smoothing finish. By reducing the clipping the pile is left with an organic lined, slightly rough cut appearance.


Fine carving – is a very fine carved outline of the design.

Medium carving – slightly deeper hand-carving of the design.

Heavy carving – deep carving, visually highlighting the design

V-carve – carving on an angle into the design and away from the design. This carving makes the design appear to be raised.